New paradigm in the filed of TENS for a painless world



Made in Korea

  1.   Permission for manufacturing item of medical instrument (KFDA)

  2.   Permission for manufacturing medical instrument (KFDA)

  3.   Registration of trademark and service (Korean Intellectual Property Office)

  4.   Patent Registration - Portable Combined Stimulation Device for Alleviating Menstrual Pain (Korean Intellectual Property Office)

  5.   Patent Registration - Menses ache reduction device for stimulating acupuncture point (Korean Intellectual Property Office)

  6.   Certification for the production of medical instruments and the quality control standard (KETI)

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Portable Combined Stimulation Device for alleviating pain


Improving blood circulation and alleviating pain by simultaneously stimulating pain with acupuncture point stimulating thermotherapy (moxibustion effect) and TENS using various protocols

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