They say Aging.  We say Ageless!

The Science of Beauty

it is important to wash-off pore-clogging dirt and excess oil for the beauty products to penetrate deep into your skin.

Cleansing:  Morning & Night

Wash off pore-clogging and excess oil with Derma CELESTY Luxe Age-defying cleansing foam.

It’s like fresh cream, so there’ no need to foam.

Our product has pure collagen, placenta and hyaluronic acid that will make your skin smooth and moisturized.

With the use of amino acid cleansing, light make up can be washed off too.

Great floral scent will take your stress away for the whole day.

How to use

1. Do not wash face roughly

2. Use the foam to cover the dirt on skin

3. The foam can clean the dirt deep inside the pore

4. Wash off thoroughly with a water or lukewarm water.

It can also be used as foam for shaving the hair of face and certain parts of the body.

Potent yet gentle ingredients

Placenta Extract, Water Soluble(pure) Collagen, Prune Resolvent

Derma CELESTY Luxe Age-defying cleansing foam


Cleansing Form


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