New paradigm in the filed

of TENS for a painless world



Portable Combined Stimulation Device for alleviating pain


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Medirune specializes in developing portable TENS which suppresses pain by stimulating muscles and pain nerves.

The better of Your Life

Function of Alleviating Pain

- Effect of alleviating pain which is verified by the most effective TENS waveform and thermo-stimulation for pain

It is possible to select and use each or both of Pain Alleviation Mode and Thermo Mode.

Thermo-Moxibustion Function

- Moxibustion effect and thermo-moxibustion available with the thermo-stimulation concentrated on the acupuncture point. (H:40℃ ± 1℃ / L: 37℃ ± 1℃) 

This is composed of 2 modes. Push the switch once to select H, twice to select L.

If you push the switch three times, Thermo Mode is turned OFF, and converted to Standby Mode.

Low-Frequency Massage Function

  1. -Beyond pain alleviation, the whole family can enjoy low-frequency massage.

  2. -(You can select one from the following supplementary features: PRESS/MASS/TAP/AUTO)

This is composed of 4 modes, Push the switch once to select PRESS, twice to select TAP,

three times to select MASS, and four times to select AUTO Mode.

High-Quality Battery

- High-quality battery used for mobile phones which can be charged with a 24PIN adaptor and USB charging cable.

Composition for User’s Convenience

  1. -Single click to operate a differentiated program for alleviating pain.

  2. -Compact portable medical instrument which users can use thermo and TENS functions at the same time at any place.

  3. -LCD screen to display present operation status, remaining time, strength, and battery status.

Verified Effect and Safety

- Thermo and TENS are the safest method for alleviating pain which have been used in medically advanced countries including the USA for a long time.