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Comment from End-User

Naz   17/01/2013

I've been using this machine for over a year now, and it does work. It has reduced hair growth by up to 80% in some areas I.e. arms, belly, side of face, chin. The only two areas I felt it hasn't worked as effectively is the underarms and upper lip. Overall I am 100% happy. Worth the investment and much much cheaper than professional treatment. Just note though can be very uncomfortable when using, painful, but not as much as professional treatment as I have used both, and if u overlap when zapping u run the risk of burning.

Claire   30/12/2012

I've been using this product for over a year now and see better results than what I received at professional treatments (I did professional treatments for about 8 months). I have practically no hair on my legs anymore and still have not had to replace the lamp cartridge. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone!

GoodFun   20/08/2012

The Viss IPL does not permanently stop hair growth. It only slows it down, and only for a period of time, and then the hair will grow again, but this time with vengeance. I purchased this in January 2012, and used it as instructed. You will spend a lot of time operating the Viss IPL because you must use it on the same area a few times a week in order for it to be effective. You will notice your hair stops growing, but after a couple of weeks your hair will grow back, but at a slower rate. After a couple of months, the hair will grow back again, but this time at a much faster rate, and it will grow back thick, especially on your face. The Viss IPL works best with light skin and dark hair. If you have fine light hair (light brown on blonde), this product will not work even if you have light skin color.

Schwabbie   17/07/2012

I agree with other posts that hair does grow in some areas, but I do find that majority of the area is good. I did wax and then use carbon dye on the lower half of my legs and I must say that I find that to have worked the best so far. 80% of underarms will be smooth and the rest of the hair that grows is thinner. I can shave my arm pits and it will be completely smooth to the touch(I never could say that before).

Schwabbie   30/04/2012

I have been using for a couple of months and this crazy machine works for me. I have pale skin and dark hair. After the first use I really thought that I got ripped off but after about 7 days hair started falling out and I was shocked. This is what happened when I had professional laser done. The only difference is that laser was extremely painful for me. I am so happy that I am purchasing the skin rejuvenation cartridge today and in several months I will post a review for that too.

Vissuser    27/04/2012

I've been using this machine for almost a year now. Basically, the machine works on some areas and doesn't work on others. You can use the machine daily and it won't remove certain hairs. But on the plus side, there are some areas that I shave less often now, which is at least something. So if you have excessive hair and are satisfied with mild reduction, this is an ok product. If you're looking for real and effective hair treatment, an actual laser technician is still better.

Batool Radwan   13/04/2012

This Machine is not as good as I accepted it to be. it seems like it loses power over time and it doesn't give the same results. I am very dissppointed

Booboo   12/04/2012

Great Product Love It... Better than professional treatments

WinnieChoi   12/04/2012

It doesnt work for me i used it for 9months!!! My Hair is still growing up!!!! Disppoint about Viss

Ser   06/04/2012

Machine does not last. Don bother if u have lots of thick hair requiring more than 3 treatments. Don bother to get extra cartridge either. Machine will spoil before cartridge.

Shawn   03/02/2012

I had 6 professional hair removal treatment on my forearms done and the best it did was make the hair a little patchy and the thin patches are from one treatment that I got the guy tech to crank it up to "what he uses on himself". I bought the VISS IPL 2nd-hand to try to remove the forearm hair and one treatment did more than the 6 professional. I did epilate and use carbon ink though so maybe that is the big difference. I also didn't read the manual before using it and did one arm on 10, then the other with setting 11 and left a few burn marks where I didn't remove all the extra carbon ink. Overall I think it's worth the cost and it's working.

marthala jana   21/01/2012

good product and i like it more

Sigita   17/01/2012

I been using this product for more than 6 months, I follow the schedule, but i am disappointed, because I don't see any results, not even less hair growing back, i don't know what should i do, and its really sad that they give you only 2 months to try and see the results, but how come you can see results if on instructions says that you should see results after at least 5 times or treatment, i am was supper exited when I read all satisfied people reviews, I was so exited to order this hair removal system and after long time using i can't even see the results i am disappointed. Is anybody had the same experience, let me know? Thank you.

EGUANADON   30/12/2011

I bought this for my wife and she loves it...had a little problem with the extra cartrages that i ordered but custumer service made good on it...I would recomend this product to any one !!!!!!!

Adriana   30/12/2011

Can't wait to make my order tomorrow!!!!!!

Mary Anne   19/12/2011

Just 6 months ago I was lost and hopeless with unsightly hair ruining my life. Now, Thanks to the Viss IPL Hair Removal System I am totally hair free and feel like a winner! No more of those embarrassing moments at the beach, or worrisome moments concerned over my excess hair growth. Thanks Viss for saving the day being my hero. You can't go wrong order today!

wendy   06/12/2011

Really want this for Christmas;)

Jane   05/12/2011

Can you use it to remove pubic hair?

ntnt   29/11/2011

the comments are incredibly positive. the comments on amazon are more balanced and there are people completely disappointed. who to believe? however it is for sure that product does not imply permanent hair removal but the customers do.

Kristen   28/11/2011

I'm interested, but sceptical... let's see if this is published...

Faith   23/11/2011

I just want to meet James, the guy who thinks he is sexy and doesn't need it. Gotta admire the confidence. :)

bao   21/11/2011

Just wonder when you have to replace lamp cartridges? Does it works long time? And how you can notice that it's not working properly ?

tooma   11/11/2011

there are no bad reviews..

Rere   07/11/2011

I really wanna try this but its really pricey

Samantha  04/11/2011

This product is amazing. i used to have horrible legs bad ingrown hairs and scars. for years i never showed my legs to anyone. But after a month of using Viss IPL the ingrowns have gone, the scars have disapeared and my legs look like normal legs. But now even better as there practically hair free. I have recommended this to all my friends. absolutly love it.

Jesse    21/09/2011

"Almost Hair Free" This thing is really easy to use and the instructions are very clear. I can’t believe I spent so much money on pro laser hair removal treatments when I could have been doing it myself in my house! I’m on treatment 4 and I’m almost hair-free. I’m so glad I bought it!

ZEE   20/09/2011

FABULOUS PRODUCT & EVEN BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I had used my product four times & had noticed a substantial reduction in hair & hair is remaining is finer. My product had an issue, which i contacted customer service with & got a response within a day, was instructed to return machine, which I did & have received my replacement product. They really do stand by their product. Many thanks

Jeff    14/08/2011

This machine is not as good as i heard it was but it is not bad. My buttocks is still hairfree with this machine although i find an occasional hair or 2.

Nathan   04/08/2011

I would happily recommend VISS to anyone - and I have! Not only have I seen great results but my friends and family love it too. I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to rid myself of unwanted body hair. I’ve even worked for professionals who offer hair-removal services and I’ve tried their products for free. Nothing I’ve tried has been as easy or as effective as the VISS, which I can use out of my own home. The results are so fast! I love having such smooth skin. Cheers to VISS!

Nancy    30/07/2011

"works wonders for me" The best thing about VISS, other than the fact that it really works wonders, is that I can tackle unwanted hairs when I see them. I don’t have to wait for an appointment at a spa and I don’t have to spend a lot of money. I’ve been using VISS for a while now and the results have been tremendous. Now I just maintain by removing a few hairs here and there.

Dave    26/07/2011

It's too bad that they have removed all the pages and pages of good reviews they had before. I had a long positive review over there, and I can tell you that this product is a miracle worker. I've been trying so many products, I wanted to have something that I could do in the privacy of my own house, this product was amazing and the results are scary. I remember the first time I used it to test it was in my arm and I still have that little spot with no hair on it. I only used it once on that spot and nothing grew back since that (that was 8 months ago), however in some areas I had to treat many times before I get the same results. I recommend it to anybody and be careful when they say not to expose to sun after 24 hours, they mean it.

Skeptical purchaser    12/07/2011

I’ve only used VISS twice so far and I’ve already seen results. My friend recommended the product to me and her legs look amazing: so smooth and like no hair. At first I was skeptical about this kind of product and thought I should leave it to the professionals. But I did a lot of research online and discovered that VISS has great customer reviews. The price was right so I bought the product and I’ve already seen great results. It’s easy-to-use and I’m excited to continue with my treatments!

Jajay   09/05/2011

This product works fantastically well and I have only been using it 3 months and am hair free which is a lot different than the sasquatch i used to be.

Prince   03/05/2011

"Effective Customer Service" I tried to make an order online in Sydney on 18 Jun 2010 but was unsuccessful and thus the order was prematurely terminated. However, the issue was resolved when a staff called me personally and my credit card details were keyed in at your end. I've checked with my credit card issuing bank and confirmed the payment on 19 Jun 2010. I've received the package. I'm happy with the services thus far and would like to take this opportunity to highlight the effective customer service by calling me personally regarding the failed payment the following day.

zuher  04/04/2011

cheap , effective, and really easy to use... i tried this machine and it works very well , i have saved lots of money already

Robert K.   31/03/2011

I’ll definitely recommend VISS for three reasons: it works, it’s convenient and it’s much more cost-effective than any of the other hair removal products I’ve tried. I’m half way to smooth skin and I couldn’t be happier!

Kayla   07/02/2011

I use the VISS IPL hair removal product and I love it. I hated shaving my legs and waxing hurt so much–and the hair always grows back! Now I have a permanent hair removal product that works! And best of all I can do it myself in my own home. I love it thanks!

Jamie P   07/12/2010

I’m very happy with my VISS home-based hair removal product. I’ve tried everything: shaving, waxing, threading, electrolysis…you name it. These alternatives were all expensive, painful or ineffective. After only a few easy treatments with VISS I can see the difference in the amount of hair that I have. My hair is growing back a lot slower and softer. Thank you VISS!

SilverQueen   24/11/2010

At first I was just looking online to see how much laser hair removal would be. When I searched laser hair removal, VISS was one of the first results that popped up on my screen. So, very skeptical, I started to read about it. Then I caught myself reading all of the great reviews on the product. I did a little bit of price comparison before purchasing the VISS and I really didn't come across anything even close to the 4,000 clicks per cartridge. After using this product for about 2 months, I am starting to see some awesome results! I have to say, I was a little bit concerned at first because it did cost a lot of money! But after the first month I did start seeing great results. Now, if only the company would give us free shipping on the refill cartridges then I'd be set. Beware, only the complete system is free shipping. The replacement cartridges are $35 Shipping!!! That's just insane!! I suggest ordering more than 1.

Rita J  09/09/2010

"Thumbs up from Cape Town" I’ve tried laser hair removal in the past. It always involved making an appointment with a spa and paying a small fortune. Not only is VISS affordable but it’s also easy-to-use and I can do it myself. I haven’t waxed or shaved in over six months and I don’t need to. This takes care of unwanted hair for me. The results are fantastic. End of story.