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We are the biotechnology company having stem cell research and natural material screening technique.

We will contribute to human health improving with stem cell therapy and natural new drug development.

World No.1 Biotechnology

We have improved competitive power developing new technology and products.

RNL BIO will be world No.1 biotechnology company with open thought.


RNL BIO Co., Ltd. will pursue healthy life pursuing harmonization of human, animal and nature and assure to make all efforts for developing enterprise as a practice with open mind, belonging dream, modesty and gratitude mind as a company motto.

RNL SAMMI Co., Ltd. (Korea)

      ( KOSDAQ Listed Company )

Head Office/Factory:  718-852/317-18, Young-ri, Gisan-Myun, Chilgok-Gun, Gyungsangbuk-do, Korea

Tel. 82-54-971-0851-4   Fax. 82-54-971-4710

Seoul Office:  151-835 10 Gangnampostoffice B/D, (14-4, Gaepo-dong), 619, Gapepo-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel. 82-2-545-4137   Fax. 82-2-545-4140

Official website:  www.rnlsammi.com

Any inquiry about Stem cell biotechnology, service or project cooperation, please contact:

RNL BIO Group (Korea)

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We are committed to create and develop therapies that will not only prevent disease but ensure a better quality of life for all.