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Established in 1960, Sammi is a canned foods manufacturing company with the longest-running tradition in Korea. Starting off as a comprehensive foods company, Sammi mainly produced canned tomato juice in the its early years along with artificial rice, noodles, bread for school meal services in Daegu, partly manufactured fruit products such as peach, canned mushroom for export, canned food as ration for troops deployed in Vietnam, canned vegetables and fruit juice.

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Nature is the source and ground of our life. An essential element is life, food is the most precious product one can gain from nature.


Through the accumulated know-how from 50 years of high quality of beverage field, Sammi has combined the specialized knowledge regarding production techniques with the automated assembly line with state-of-the-art equipment. Furthermore, based on this foundation, Sammi is fulfilling a continuously high level of customer satisfaction, having been recognized for its strict quality control, various forms of packaging, and strict delivery period management. Also, Sammi has performed an outstanding feat of $5 Million Presidential Export Award.

In 2007, Sammi produced 200,000,000 cans as 800,000 cans per day. With such reliable production operation and dependable brand image, Sammi has been building a priority relationship of cooperation and trust with Lotte Chilsung, the largest beverage company in Korea, as its canned beverage partner company since 1978.

Furthermore, the Sammi seeks to be a food manufacturing that does it best in trust and sincere efforts, seeking to grow at all times. We promise to be the pioneers of food culture through innovation and challenge, and we shall ceaselessly endeavor to be the Sammi that you favor at all times.